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                        About us

                        Home-About us


                        Shanghai Puyi Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd. lies in Chang Jiang Delta, the most developed area in China.We have our own manufacturer located in Huangdu Industrial Park at roadside of Cao An road,Jiading District,Shanghai,China. The location faces north of Shanghai-Nanjing railway and is still towards south of Shanghai-Nanjing expressway & Hong Qiao airport and near west side of National Highway 321. East of our company is famed downtown recognized by people as “the Peal of Orient” in Shanghai. We devote all our efforts to researching and manufacturing of disposable medical instruments.
                        Our prime items we trade in are given as follows:
                        disposable i.v. catheter, disposable central venous catheter/kitdisposable endotracheal intubation kit, anesthesia breathing circuit-coaxial tube, etc.
                        We have obtained ISO13485 CERTIFICATE approved with QMS. High-level scientific researching and exploring, advanced management of manufacturing and marketing system formed have made our company to be one of the pillar enterprises in the same field. The perfect quality management and assurance system we established is based on strict quality control surveillance and serious quality test and inspection on products inclusive of all links and procedure in production chain from beginning of research to manufacture and then to last period of promoting sales. On the basis of such a quality system mentioned in the foregoing, we can lay out our own professional sales pattern for disposable medical instruments with excellent quality suitable to different users at home and abroad. Now our products have been selling to more than 30 cities, provinces and autonomous regions in China. Although domestic market is our mainly competitive area, we have already explored international market at the same time and have sold our products to many countries such as Mongolia , Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia ,etc.
                        “bring benefit to the mankind and improving quality of existence of people” is our enterprise’s tenet, and “honesty, credit and user first” is taken as the philosophy of our company. According to these faith, we have shaped a good team featuring consciousness, improving and braving hardship. Apart from the above, we have condensed professional talents at home and abroad with forming of spirits of mutual respect & trust, unity & participation for our common goal and harmoniousness & pursuing tacit teamwork as well as cherishing every staff’s value & labor in our company.
                        We believe in a kind of culture of enterprise: “exploration & forging ahead, pursuing perfect & personally protruding, undertaking society responsibility with personal mission in mind, taking the quality as life & living on prestige, promoting development on scientific technology, serving society with advanced products with brand new and making fortune to mankind."
                        Any unit and individual from at home and abroad are invited to contact us in any forms such as phone, e-mail, fax and so on for the purpose of our mutual benefit.

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